Dissemination plan


The plan for the implementation and dissemination of the results of the research project set out in working packages from 1 to 6 is an integral part of the current project and covers the process of organizing and conducting the awareness-raising and publicity activities, related to the realization of the project with presentation of its essence, implementation of the goals, activities and tasks set in it for the achievement of concrete results. Promoting the objectives, scope and results of the project implementation will ensure openness and transparency in the implementation of the various activities set out in the project work program.

All scientific research within the scope of this project will be carried out in the scope of extensive international cooperation with world-renowned institutes and universities around the world, which is undoubtedly the main platform for wide dissemination of the results of this project. In particular, international scientific cooperation provides excellent opportunities for project team members to visit established foreign research groups working in similar fields. During these visits, participants in the project will deliver reports presenting on-going research results, which will allow valuable exchange of experience and know-how. Such events are crucial not only to enhance the prestige of Bulgarian science in the world, but are also important elements for building the international reputation of our young scientists.

We expect all the results obtained within the project to be published in prestigious, internationally reviewed journals with an impact factor and exported to international science forums such as: “New Perspectives in Science Education” and “The Future of Education” – Florence, Italy; European Conference on Information Literacy; International Conference E-Society and others. An important opportunity to disseminate the research results of the project themes is to present them at prestigious international scientific events (conferences, seminars, schools) that will help to develop partnerships and scientific co-operation at international level. Here the financial support of the project by the Science Fund will be of particular importance. In addition, project team members have extensive experience in organizing numerous national and international conferences, seminars and workshops in the field of intellectual property, and these events have always been on a very high level, in the presence of a large number of world-renowned experts.

During the implementation of the project an information and advertising campaign aimed at presenting the activities, objectives, tasks, and expected results of the project to representatives of educational and research centers will be held, as well as all stakeholders involved in the problems of intellectual property in a university environment. For this purpose, the following scientific and cultural events will be organized:

  • Тhree scientific seminars with international participation, dedicated to (one for each year of the project) on World Intellectual Property Day (April 26), on a previously announced slogan from the World Intellectual Property Organization, to be attended by prominent scientists in the field of intellectual property, civil law, information literacy, etc .;
  • Master classes and workshops for young scientists, postgraduates and students on pre-specified topics with guest lecturers, representatives of universities, international organizations and research institutions;

In addition to the above, the results will be made available to the general public by building, maintaining and continuously updating a site presenting ongoing work on the project, which will also become a platform for its future development.