Prof. Tereza Trencheva, PhD

Tereza Trencheva was born in 1978 in the city of Sofia. She is a graduate of the College of Library Studies (CLS), majoring in Information Technology (1999). She graduated from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, majoring in Library and Information Sciences (2002); SWU “N. Rilski”, MSc degree in English Philology (2008); ULSIT, PhD of Theory of Scientific Information (2011); SWU “N. Rilski”, MSc degree in Law (2020).

In ULSIT she holds the academic positions – Assistant (2009); Chief Assistant (2011); Associate Professor in the professional field “Public Communications and Information Sciences” (2014). Professor in the professional field “Public Communications and Information Sciences” (2020). She has been a lecturer at the Department of Library Management and Archival Studies since its foundation (2009).

Prof. Tereza Trencheva, PhD also holds administrative positions at ULSIT as: Vice-Rector of Research and International Affairs (December 2018 – present); Deputy Chair of the University Youth Knowledge Academy (UNYKA) – (October 2014 – present); Scientific Secretary of the Expert Group on “Intellectual Property” at the same Academy (January 2014 – December 2018); Scientific Secretary of the Institute for Research and Development of Leadership in the Information Environment (June – October 2014). She is the supervisor of six PhD students, three of whom have successfully defended, one deduced with the right to defence and two in procedure.

In 2014 she completed a 1-month specialization at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland and participated in a 2-week colloquium for intellectual property teachers at WIPO and the World Trade Organization. She has been on some short-term specializations in Zagreb (2012) and Ankara (2013). In November 2020 she completed a specialized course in copyright from Harvard (CopyrightX).

She lectures on “Intellectual Property”, “Intellectual property in Internet”, “Protection of intellectual property”, “Law, Media and Advertising”, “Foundations of Law”, “Social Networks and the Internet” and “Information Sources”.

She is a lecturer at the European Patent Academy and intensive Erasmus programs, both in the country and abroad. She is the author of the monograph “Open Access to Scientific Information” (2013), the textbook “Intellectual Property in Internet” (2014), the textbook “Social Networks and the Internet” (2017), the monograph “Integration of intellectual property training in university information environment” (2020), 13 collections and more than 112 publications in the field of legal protection and educational aspects of intellectual property, open access and the Internet, as well as formal and non-formal intellectual property education. Participates in several national and international projects.

Founder and coordinator of the annual seminar dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day (April 26) at ULSIT and several initiatives related to raising students’ awareness of intellectual property issues.

She is a member of the Rector’s Council and a member of the UNESCO Interfaculty Chair “ICT in Library Studies, Education and Cultural Heritage”; Co-founder and Deputy Chairman of the Association “Network of IP Teachers In Bulgaria”; Member of the Academic Council of the President of the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria; Informing Science Institute (USA); Scientific Committees of the International Conference “New Perspectives in Science Education” (Florence, Italy) – NPSE (2015 – ); International Conference “E-Society” (Portugal) – ES (2015 – ); the European Conference on Information Literacy – ECIL (2015 – ); 9th Workshop of the European Network of Intellectual Property Teachers – EIPTN – Sofia (2016).

Contacts: ULSIT – 1, 119 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Sofia – 1784.
Mobile phone: +359/889 645 400, +359/888 400 177,