Assoc. Prof. Carla Basili

Carla Basili is Associate Senior Researcher at the Italian National Research Council and Associate Professor at Marconi University in Rome. She has been Associate Professor of Documentation at the Macerata University (1995-2007) and the Lumsa University in Rome (1998-2008), Vice-president of the Italian Association for Advanced Documentation (1998-2004) and Italian delegate in the European Council of Information Associations (ECIA) (1997-2004). Carla Basili is co-ordinator and initiator (since 2001) of the European Network on Information Literacy (EnIL) and of the European Observatory on Information Literacy Policies and Research (since 2006). Since 2009, Carla Basili is the scientific responsible of the research project Information Policies in Science: Knowledge Sharing and Transfer in Scholarly Disciplines.


Selected publications:

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