Ch. Assistant Prof. Kamelia Planska-Simeonova, PhD

Ch. Assistant Prof. Kamelia Planska-Simeonova, PhD has diploma qualifications for a professional photographer, for a publisher-editor, for a specialist in media information and advertising. She is a graduate of the National high school of polygraphy and photography, majoring in Photography. In the period 2006-2008 she studied Photographic and Video Technologies at the Technical University – Sofia, Center for Postgraduate Education. She took a course in “Photography and Video”. In 2013 she obtained a bachelor’s degree in “Print Communications” at ULSIT, developing and defending a thesis on “Political Photography in the pages of Zora Newspaper 1919-1944”. In 2015 she defended her master’s degree in “Media Information and Advertising” at ULSIT. The master’s thesis examines “The Bulgarian poster in the 20s and 30s of the XX century and the European aesthetics of the visual”. In 2018 she acquired the educational and scientific degree “PhD” in the professional field 3.5. “Public Communications and Information Sciences” under the PhD program “Organization and Management of Information Processes”. The dissertation is on the topic: “Organization and management of intellectual property on photographic information”.

Since 2015 she has been a member of the Department of Library Management and Archival Science at ULSIT. Conducts exercises in the disciplines “Information Sources”, “Protection of Intellectual Property”, “Social Networks and the Internet”, “Intellectual Property and the Internet”.

Kamelia Planska participates in internal university projects and projects with external funding. In 2012 she took part in an intensive program Erasmus “Library, Information and Cultural Management – Academic Summer School”, held at the University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia. In 2019 she participated in the International Symposium of Students in Library and Information Sciences BOBCATSSS, held in the period 22-24 January 2019, Osijek, Croatia. In November 2020, she completed a specialized course in Harvard Copyright (CopyrightX).

In 2018, with a team of young scientists, PhD students and a student participate in a competition for financial support for project of junior basic researchers and postdocs and won a project on: “Creation and development of educational and scientific facilities for documentary and applied photography as part of the training of students in the professional field 3.5 “Public Communications and Information Sciences”. The project is funded by the National Science Fund, has an interdisciplinary nature and aims to create new habits for students in terms of visual culture and visual literacy. An approach to skills development is to turn students into authors of visual content using photography and graphic design as a tool. In 2019, together with members of the University Youth Knowledge Academy, they are organizing a Master Class on “Visual Literacy & Visual Thinking, or How to Use Photography and Graphic Design to Create Authorial Content”.

She has worked as a freelance photographer and as a graphic designer in a publishing house. She is the author, director and editor of over 10 documentaries, covering events held at ULSIT. She is a graphic designer on the covers of scientific publications and posters. Many of her creative products are part of the institutional archive of ULSIT and are part of the visual content on the website of the University Youth Knowledge Academy at ULSIT, where Planska is a member of the expert group “Intellectual Property”. In addition to UNYKA, Planska is also a member of the Association “Network of Intellectual Property Teachers in Bulgaria”.

Her research interests are in the field of copyright, education, photography, graphic design, publishing business, visual and media literacy, visual culture and more.

Contacts: ULSIT – 1, 119 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Sofia – 1784
Mobile +359/878 45 72 32,